Who We Are

FUSION CHURCH of MADISON The story of Fusion Church began 10 years ago when a local pastor named Jeff Rogers and a core group of believers began a new ministry called Summit Church of Madison. Summit Church of Madison began meeting in homes and soon after began worship services at the Morgan County Elementary School. God used this group of believers in a great way in Madison. After several years, the Summit family purchased property and built their own facility to house their ministry. Four years ago, God began a fresh work in the hearts of a core group of people and Matt Alexander. They were led to begin a new ministry called Hope Church of Madison. They began worship services at the Morgan County High School and saw a wonderful move of God. 

During this time, Jeff and Matt's friendship grew and talked regularly. Without their knowledge, God was going to use their friendship for such a time as this! On March 18, 2014, the Summit Church of Madison's Leadership Team had a meeting and discussed how similar their mission was to Hope Church's mission and strategy. They discussed the possibility of proposing a "merger" to Hope Church. They felt that both congregations could do more for the Kingdom of God together than separate. At that time, Jeff met with Matt and they began discussing the merger idea. From March 18 to May 20th, the leadership teams from both congregations sought counsel from convention leaders, associational directors and spent time praying through the possibility of merging. They walked through a very structured process outlined by people who have been involved in church mergers before. After answering the tough questions and seeking the Lord for direction, these teams came together on May 20, 2014 and concluded that God was certainly leading them to become one! 

On June 8, 2014, both churches entered into a "Family Meeting" where the Merger Proposal was outlined. After 3 weeks of prayer and consideration, both congregations voted in an overwhelming fashion on June 28th to merge together! After reviewing the word Merge in the Webster Dictionary, we were confident that what we were asking God to do in Madison was what He was already doing in our churches. He was bringing about a "Fusion" of God's people. Fusion is defined as "a merging of diverse, distinct, or separate parts into a unified whole." So, Fusion Church is made up of a diverse group of people who have allowed God to knit their hearts together for the expressed purpose of seeing God do it again in other people's lives! Our city, state, country and planet is made up of a very diverse, distinct and separate people and we believe that God is the only One that can unite us. This is what Fusion is all about!